XXXODUS kodi porn addon installation guide + Special features

xxxodus kodi addon

Xxxodus kodi addon is one of the best in the adult addon region. I would say it’s one of the best alternatives for ultimate whitecream. Xxxodus kodi addon provides a lot of features that it surpasses its counterparts in all the fields. It is the only xxx porn addon that provides chaturbate . This addon contains adult content. So you can use this only when you have reached 18+ years of age. XXXODUS is available in the colossus repo. Here we will see how to install colossus repo and from there on, we will see how to install xxxodus kodi adult addon.

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How to install xxxodus kodi adult addon?

1.Open the kodi app. As soon as you open the Kodi, you could see the desktop as given below. Just click on the settings button on the window.

2. Open the file manager.

3. Tap on add source to add the required source file.

4. Now the dialog box will open up, just double click on none and give ok.

5. Then a screen will show up, where you need to enter the Colossus repo URL “” without any mistakes. Remember if you make any mistakes the path will not be added and will lead to error.

6. Now choose a desired name for the file. Here I choose it as ‘tco’. Then press ok. Remember the name should not have been used before. 

7.  Next go back to the main menu by pressing ESC key. Then click on add-ons in the menu.

8. Now on the top left corner, you can find an icon like unzipper, just click on it.

9. Then on the next screen press install from zip file to add the xxxodus source file.

10. Under the zip from file box you can find various files, just hang on to ‘tco'(whatever name you save the repository file, as shown in step 6).

11.On the next page, you can see two options like smash repo and repo colossus. If you want to watch adult movies choose colossus repo. Now click on 

12. Now a pop-up will appear in the top right corner, once the zip file is installed. That’s about the installation of colossus repository. Let’s now explore some of the cool features of this awesome colossus repository.

How to watch porn with xxxodus kodi adult addon?

We have seen how to install colossus repository. Xxxodus kodi adult addon is provided by this repository. Now let’s see how to install and watch porn using xxxodus adult addon.

1.Open colossus repo by clicking on install from repository.

2. Here you can see the list of available repositories in your system. You have to select  Colossus Repository.

3. You can find four options like Add-on repository, Music add-ons, program add-ons and Video add-ons on the next screen. Double click on video add-ons.

4.On the next screen, you can see the addons available with this repository. Let us understand this better with a practical example. Say, for example, if I want to watch adult videos, then I can go to xxxodus kodi addon.

5.It will take you to the addon information page. Here you can find the install button at the bottom of the screen. Just tap on it to start the installation procedure. Once you click on it, you can see the progress in the download. It will take a few seconds to download the required files and for the process of installation.

xxxodus kodi addon installation

6.Then click on xxxodus kodi addon again. Now you can find the open button at the left bottom corner of the screen. Just click on it to open the addon.

When you get into the addon you can find options like tubes, chaturbate, parental controls, your history, your favorites, your downloads, your settings and so on.

Under the tube, you can find some of the most popular porn sites like pornhub, pornhd, pornfun, pornxs, redtube, motherless, perfect girls, 4tube, eporner, just porno, xnxx, xvideos, xhamster, youporno and many other sites.

For example, let me enter pornhd. Here you can find several categories of porno. This site provides only HD videos. Under each category there are a lot of videos too.

Xxxodus addon also provides chaturbate. Chaturbate is a popular adult website where you can watch the live streaming of pornographic performance over the webcam. Here also you can find several categories like 18+ cams, 30+ cams, hd cams, asian cams, american cams and so on.

Special Features:


Xxxodus kodi addon let you to download the videos. This is one of the cool stuff that is exclusively available with this addon. Though there are manyother addons the download feature is provided only by xxxodus kodi addon. In order to download a video, place the cursor on the video and right click. You can see the options like add to xxxodus favorites, download video, play, mark as watched and so on. Click on download video to download the particular video.

2. Adaptability

We cannot be sure, that the internet speed will constant throughout the month. Mobile phone users who use mobile networks will experience buffering, which is really annoying. To tackle that problem xxxodus kodi addon provides you the Mobile mode which will show you the low bandwidth files so that you will not experience buffering. It also provides you an option with auto play highest quality. When you are using unlimited data with maximum speed, you can make use of this.


And the important feature above all is security. It provides an option called parental controls through which you can lock this addon. So, any of your family members or your friends cannot access this addon. It lets you protect the addon with 4 digit pin. So anyone who doesn’t know the pin cannot access the addon. This is really a good stuff. It can save you from embarrassment for sure. This will lock the addon automatically after every 30 minutes of usage.

This addon also provides you an option to download the videos. I hope the installation procedure is very clear. There were no errors during the installation process. XXXODUS kodi addon is a great source for all the porn lovers. Hope you will enjoy it.

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