9 Best Kodi Adult addons list 2019 to watch XXX Porn videos {updated}

best kodi adult addons

Kodi is indeed a super cool open source application developed by the XBMC. It supports multiple OS and hardware platforms. Kodi can be installed on firestick, android tv box, chromecast, chromebook, xbox, windows PC, android phones, iOS, Linux and much more. Just like the extensions, software, and apps, in Kodi it is called addons. There are lots of official & third party kodi addons. These addons are built for a specific purpose. Among the millions of kodi users, most of them are using it for watching videos, movies, and tv shows using some of the best kodi addons. Have you ever thought of watching porn on kodi? If yes, then you have come to the right place. Kodiporn.com will guide you to watch xxx on kodi with the best kodi adult addons. Before we proceed, let’s first check how to get porn on kodi? If you are already aware of installing the kodi addons, then you can skip the following section and proceed to the best kodi adult addons list.

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How to watch porn on kodi?

In order to watch porn on kodi you would need to install kodi adult addons. In general, there are two methods to install kodi addons. One way is by installing from the zip file on your system. Another way is by adding the source url of the kodi adults repository. As most of them are comfortable with the second method, we will explain the same below.

1. If you don’t have kodi installed on your device, then you may download it from here.

2. Once you have installed kodi on your device, just open it. You will find the homepage of kodi.

3. In that click on the Settings gear icon at the top left of the home page.

4. Now the system page will open. Here you need to select the File Manager.

5. In the left side column, double click on the add source.

6. Here you to enter the path or URL of the adult addon. To do so, click on <None> option and enter the URL. [We will share the url of all the kodi adult addons below]

7. Once added the URL, you need to give a name for that folder and select OK.

8. The folder is now added successfully. Next step is to unzip the file and install the addon from the zip file.

9. Get back to the home screen and go to Addons section. In the addons window select the Unzip icon at the top left.

10. Here you have to select “Install from zip file

11. Then you have to select the respective folder to install the zip file.

12. It’s almost over now. You just need to navigate to the required folder to complete the installation of kodi adult addons.

We have provided a step by step installation procedure of all kodi porn adult addons. Check them one by one.

I am sure by this time you will have a clear idea about How to get porn on kodi.

XXX on kodi

As said before if you want to enjoy xxx porn on kodi then you would need to install the kodi adult addons. To my knowledge, I have tested some 30+ kodi porn addons. Among that I am listing out some 10 best addons which will really fulfill your thirst of porn. We are going to share url of the kodi adults repository along with the list of kodi adult addons for easy installation.

Before we get started, you must know that watching porn on kodi is kind of risky. Because when you watch porn on kodi directly from your network, it’s very easy to get tracked. Also if you don’t want to get caught watching porn on kodi by your family members, then it’s necessary to stay anonymous online. In order to hide your IP and watch porn safely on kodi, we recommend you to use IPVanish, one of the best VPN for kodi. Using IPVanish will mask your IP and totally hide your online activity. You can then enjoy porn on kodi without any trouble. Click here to check out IPVanish + avail special discounts

Best kodi adult addons list 2019

  1. Ultimate Whitecream
  3. Just for him
  4. Adult Hideout
  5. Video Devil
  6. Erotik xxx
  7. Gay Boys Tube
  8. Lubetube
  9. Picasso

1. Ultimate Whitecream

Ultimate Whitecream is the top kodi adult addon of all time. I would say it’s really a gem for all the porn lovers. More than an addon, I can describe it as a hub for kodi porn. Because it has got millions of xxx porn videos with different categories. Also one can get access to all popular porn websites with this ultimate whitecream kodi addon.

ultimate whitecream kodi adult addon

The main page of ultimate whitecream contains the options like whitecream scenes, movies, hentai. tubes, webcams and favorites. Under each of these options, you can find multiple sub categories. If you ask me which one to select, then I would recommend Whitecream tubes first. It really has a huge collection of kodi porn videos from various sites like pornhub, porndig, absoluporn, anybunny, vPorn, xHamster and much more.


  • The best feature of this ultimate whitecream is that you can watch the thumbnail of the video before you open it. This will really be helpful for you to filter the best porn quickly.
  • Add the porn videos / movies to the favorites list. As there are millions of kodi porn videos available, finding the one will be a tedious task. So you can easy add the video to the favorites list by just right clicking on the video and “Add to favorites
  • One can also download the videos from whitecream and store them on the local storage. This will help you to watch videos with internet. Because at times, when the kodi starts to buffer, we would lose the interest of watching porn. So offline watching can be a great choice.


This is one amazing adult addon for kodi. The user interface of xxxodus is damn cool. You will definitely love it. XXXODUS is a new release in the online market. It is stuffed with some awesome features. Let’s explore them now.

xxxodus kodi addon


  • Chaturbate: This is something which you cannot find on other kodi xxx addons. With this option you can find porn stars on webcam. It has a wide category of porn that includes Female Cams, Male Cams, Couple Cams, Teens Cams and much more. You can even search your favorite star by entering their name.
  • Tubes: This includes some 20+ porn sites. Under each of them you can get access to millions of porn videos. The way in which the porn videos load is quite attractive. You can find the preview pic along with a slider at the bottom. It’s something very unique with this XXXODUS adult addon.
  • Parental Controls: As every member of family have access to the kodi device, it’s suggested to lock such porn addons. This will be helpful to keep your children stay away from watching porn.
  • History: We would have watched some interesting porn videos but have forgot it. In such cases watch history will be really helpful to find your favorite adult videos.
  • Downloads: Just like ultimate whitecream, XXXODUS also provides the facility to download for offline watch.
  • Settings: Apart from all the above listed features, settings allows you to configure XXXODUS addon to it’s best. Do open and make the changes as per your wish.

3. Just for him

Just for him is yet another adult addons for kodi from the Goliaths kodi adult repository. Goliaths is also packed with some interesting video addons like mPorn, Les be Friends, f4mTester, Picasso, The jukebox and few more. Let’s now see what’s special about Just for him kodi adult addon.

Just for Him kodi porn addon

Just for him is one awesome kodi adult addon for watching xxx on kodi. It comes with loads of categories on the very first page itself. Some of the popular categories include Blowjobs, Handjobs, Brunette, Busty, Anime, Cartoon, Threesome, Gangbang, Erotic, Hairy, Massage, Hardcore, Software, Teens, Webcams and much more.


The features of Just for him kodi adult addon is almost similar to Ultimate Whitecream. You can save your favorite clips by just clicking Add to Favorites. Instead of the thumbnail, here you can find the duration of the video. You can explore lot more adult clips by clicking on next page at the end. Hope you will definitely like this adult addon.

4. Adult Hideout

This is another good adult addons for kodi from adult hideout repository. Similar to ultimate whitecream, it can be described as a kodi porn platform. I mean, with this addon you can enjoy millions of porn videos right on your kodi. The opening page of the addon itself would grab your attention. You can find a sexy slut as wallpaper 😉

adult hideout kodi addon

Coming to the categories, you can find the videos of all the top porn sites like pornhub, xvideos, xHamster, Javtasty, lubetube, yes porn lease, yes xxx, youporn, redtube, pornhd, porncom and much more.


  • You can check the thumbnail of the video before you watch it.
  • Wide range of category from various porn sites.
  • Sort the videos as per your interest.
  • Other features are much similar to other kodi adult addons.

5. Video Devil

It is one of the old kodi adult addon, It was from fusion repository. But unluckily due to the shut down of fusion tvaddons, video devil was also lost. But don’t worry, we have a copy of the video devil addon zip file. You can download it from our video devil kodi addon installation post.

video devil kodi adult addon

Let’s see what there inside this adult addon. It is yet another kodi xxx addon which acts as a platform to watch porn from 20+ different sites. It includes some biggest porn sites like Pornhub, xvideos, xhamster, redtube, vPorn, extremetube, faapy, fapdu, etc…


  • Video devil also comes with wide category of videos from different sites.
  • Ability to search for the videos.
  • Display preview images of videos.

6. Erotik XXX

The name Erotik XXX itself will grab your attention towards this kodi adult addon. It from Colossus Repository. You can get the zip file from mediarepos.

erotik xxx kodi addon


  • Once you install this addon and open it, you will feel like you are watching an actual porn site. Because the addon is developed in such a way that you can find the videos listed like Iconwall.
  • The videos available in erotik kodi adult addons are self-hosted by themselves. So you will not come across any URL errors.
  • Here you can find some unique porn categories like Bang Bros, Brazzers, Naughty Americans, Reality Kings, 21Sextury, Babes, Playboy, Porn Pros and much more.

7. Gay Boys Tube

This addon is from superrepo adult repository. As the name suggests, gay boys tube kodi adult addon provides the porn videos of gay boys. As this addon is particular targetted for gay boys, you can’t much find much categories here. The streaming of videos is good. There is nothing much to talk on this xxx addon.

gay boys tube


  • Sort out the videos in terms of latest, most viewed, random picks, most commented and top rated videos.
  • You can mark the video as watched and also resume the videos from where you have left.

8. Lubetube

This is yet another simple kodi adult addon from the superrepo adult repository. One special thing to be noted about Lubutube is, it has a unique collection of xxx videos. Few notable categories include amateur, anal, asian, ass licking, big cocks, big tits, masturbation, porn star, insertion, hard core, hand job, etc…

lubetube kodi adult addon

Lubetube porn addon also provides the preview for all the videos. It will help you to pick the favorite videos easily.

9. Picasso

Picasso is not actually an adult addon. But it’s kind of an all in one addon where you can find sports, music, lol, keep fit, docutainment, get scared magic and 18+.

picasso kodi adult addon

So if you are interested in watching 18+ adult videos on kodi, then select that folder. Here you can find some 3 items listed. The adult channels and the new adult section is not working. The videos are not available. So you can go to the third option which is adult videos. Here you can enjoy some awesome adult videos.

So these are some of the best kodi adult addons which we have listed after testing each and every kodi xxx addon.

Best Kodi Adult Repository

Are you confused with the difference between adult addon and adult repository? Well, kodi adult repository is something where you can find a list of adult addons that you can easy install. Though there are many such kodi repo, we are going to share only 3 repository that really has a good collection of adult addons. There are

  • Goliaths
  • Colossus
  • Superrepo Genre Adult

That’s it about watching xxx porn videos on kodi with kodi adult addons! Have a great day and enjoy watching porn on kodi.